MathIndustry 2021

August 3-27, 2021

Together with our partners, PIMS is excited to offer a 4-week virtual MathIndustry workshop for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the mathematical and statistical sciences to gain the industry skills needed for success in their careers.

This workshop has two main objectives:

  1. To build technical skills in programming and computational workflows
  2. To build business skills for effective teamwork and technical report writing

Attendees will gain hands-on experience as part of a team working on a real-world problem posed by an industry partner. Potential industry partners can also contact us to learn more or propose projects.

August 3 to August 27, 2021 (gala August 26)

MathIndustry Editions

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MathIndustry 2021

We are currently accepting proposals for new projects. Please contact us for more information.

MathIndustry 2020

Projects, reports, team members and other details are available on the MathIndustry 2020 page. .

  • Aerium Analytics Inc.
  • ATCO Ltd.
  • BC Financial Services Authority
  • Cenovus Energy Inc.
  • The Divi Project
  • Environmental Instruments Canada Inc.
  • Fotech Solutions
  • IOTO International Inc.
  • McMillan-McGee Corporation
  • Ovintiv Inc.


Training Bootcamps

Certified training programs

Tech Skills Training

Agile software development, virtual collaboration, open source toolchains

Business Skills Training

communication skills, project management, effective teams & ethics


Propose a problem

MathIndustry aims to match mathematical talent with real problems from industry. If you would like to propose a problem, or if you want to learn more, please contact us to learn more.

The Opportunity

MathIndustry (Math to power industry) is a professional development school positioned to benefit Canadian industry because:

  1. Recent PhDs and Postdocs in the mathematical sciences are a national resource that is poised to be underutilized.
  2. Ideas from the mathematical sciences are vital to Canada’s industry sectors and are especially important during and after the pandemic.
  3. A cohort-based training and job placement program focused on key industry sectors will help advance Canada’s economy.

The drastic decrease in economic activity caused by the pandemic combined with cost explosions in other governmental programs will lead to significant cuts in higher education budgets. Reductions in the capacity of universities to hire new faculty and postdocs will essentially eliminate a career pathway for a generation of young researchers. This talent pool should be effectively redirected toward activities that drive Canada’s economic recovery.

The important role that mathematical scientists play in defining government policy responses to the pandemic is analogous to the role these experts should play across Canada’s industry sectors. Governmental decisions regarding when or how to optimally implement policies to flatten the curve rely upon predictive models, data analysis, and other mathematical insights. Effective business decision-making similarly requires expertise in modeling, computation, statistics, optimization (mathematical sciences). Studies by Deloitte have revealed the enormous impact the mathematical sciences have on the UK Economy and the Dutch Economy. Goals for the MathIndustry include economic stimulation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, placement of recent mathematical science PhDs into jobs in western Canada, and an ongoing improvement to Canada’s Business Enterprise Research and Development capacity.

The Plan

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) and partners are offering a virtual rapid response program to train and place young mathematical scientists into jobs in important industry sectors in western Canada (agrifood, energy, forestry, health care, mining). This program will start with a training bootcamp (software best practices, business, communications, project management), group collaborations with industry partners, and create a funnel leading to job placements in industry.