Benjamin MacAdam

Benjamin MacAdam

PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary

University of Calgary

Peripatetic Seminar

I am a PhD candidate in the programming languages lab at the University of Calgary. My research interests mainly revolve around tangent categories and their applications to differentiable programming and Lie theory.

  • Differentiable programming generalizes neural networks by allowing you to take the derivative of computer programs. Tangent categories provide a natural setting for the categorical semantics of differentiable programming languages.
  • The equivalence of categories between Lie groups and Lie algebras lies at the core of Lie theory. Using tangent categories, this may be regarded as an instance of enriched Gabriel-Ulmer duality.


  • Differentiable programming
  • Enriched category theory
  • Differential geometry


  • Ph.D in Computer Science (In progress)

    University of Calgary

  • B.Sc (Honours) in Mathematics and Statistics

    University of Prince Edward Island