Evan MacNeil

Evan MacNeil


University of Calgary

I am a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a master’s degree in Mathematics, currently looking to apply my skills in industry. My research was in divisor arithmetic on C34 curves, which can be thought of as an analogue of how cryptographers add points on an elliptic curve, but to a more complicated curve. Before that, I did research on cryptanalysis of lightweight block ciphers such as Present.

Besides research experience, I am a hobbyist programmer with a variety of interests. Recent coding projects include:

  • A GUI-based music listening log (C++/SQL/Qt)
  • A graphical program to render cross sections of a 3D Mandelbrot set (C++/OpenGL)
  • A Checkers game with Monte-Carlo decision tree-based AI (C++/OpenGL/Qt)


  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Computational Number Theory
  • Computational Algebraic Geometry
  • Cryptography


  • MSc in Mathematics and Statistics

    University of Calgary

  • BA (Honours) in Mathematics and Computer Science

    Mount Allison University