Mishty Ray

Mishty Ray

Graduate Student

University of Calgary


I am a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary, specializing in the Langlands programme - an area of mathematics that studies the connections between harmonic analysis and number theory. My PhD thesis involves resolving a conjecture that arises in the geometric perspective on this theory. In addition to this, I have continued interest and work in the applied and computational aspects of mathematics. While doing my PhD, I have worked on collaborative projects that involved data assimilation and statistics, machine learning, and modeling. I am always interested in applying my programming, mathematical, and analytical skills to solve problems that arise in the context of climate change. I am passionate about effective mathematics/science communication, both to specialists and non-specialists. In my downtime, I like to tend to my (many) plants, photograph nature, or chill with an audio-book.

  • Applied mathematics: Machine learning and AI
  • Pure mathematics: Number theory and representation theory
  • BS-MS dual degree, Mathematics

    Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali