MITACS: Leadership Skills course via the EDGE portal

Mitacs will offer their Leadership Skills course to our workshop participants. You will need to enroll for this course on the EDGE portal and complete the (approx. 90 minute) asynchronous portion of the course prior to the workshop. On completion of the asynchronous part of the course and signing up for the facilitated session you will receive a Zoom link from Mitacs for the facilitated part of the course taking place on July 11th, 2022, from 1pm until 3:30 pm MDT.

Please follow the instructions below to access this course.

If you don’t have an EDGE account yet, please make sure you create one by following the steps below: Link to create an account: Edge Registration ( Click on “Create an account”, then once again. Enter your information. You will receive an email confirming your account creation from “”. If you haven’t, please check your spam folder. Click on the “Confirm my account” button in the email. Under the “Get started” page, choose “General learner”. On the next page, fill out the required information. Under the “Current Mitacs Program Affiliation” field, choose “None” if you are not part of a Mitacs program. If you are, please choose the correct program. Under the “Do you have a cohort code” field, please type PIMS-MITACS-2022. This code will enable you to see the session that has been scheduled for PIMS participants. Once you complete the steps above, you will have access to the EDGE dashboard.

How to register for the Leadership skills course bundle:

The Mitacs courses are organized in bundles, in which a self-paced online component must be completed before being able to register for a virtual facilitated session. You will find below the components of the Leadership skills bundle:

Course bundle: Leadership skills Self-paced e-learning: High performing leadership and teams Instructor-led-course: Applying the principles of sound leadership and team building Session: PIMS - July 11, 2022 – Online (1 PM - 3:30 PM MDT*) *Depending on where you are located, please take into consideration the time zone, to be able to join the session on time.

To register for the Leadership skills, please follow the steps below: On your EDGE dashboard, click on the “Catalog” tab. Enroll yourself in the Leadership skills course bundle. By enrolling in this bundle, you will be automatically enrolled in the components of the bundles. You will see the courses you are enrolled in under the “My courses” tab on your dashboard. Complete the online course component, then choose a session for the virtual instructor led course. The Zoom link to join the session will be available on the session’s page one week before the session’s date.

For any question or if you already have an EDGE account and need to update your account, please contact the Mitacs Training team at