Git and GitHub

Course Description

Git is a powerful version control system allowing to record, access, and restore the history of projects. After setting up remotes on the internet or other network, Git is also a mighty collaboration tool.

In this workshop, we will:

  • setup a repo in two scenarios
  • create a repo on GitHub
  • convert a local folder into a git repository, and publish to GitHub
  • make clones
  • clone to a computer
  • clone to OverLeaf
  • make changes and commit them
  • push the commits to GitHub
  • syncing changes directly from Overleaf
  • learn a workflow for collaboration
  • fork an existing GitHub repo
  • prepare a pull request
  • deal with conflicts

Time permitting, we will cover branches. Following the instructional portion of this course, there will be time dedicated to exercising and Dr. Ma will be available to answer questions.


Install Git:

Windows or MacOS users:

You should also Sign up for a free GitHub account When using git to push to GitHub you’ll need to authenticate to GitHub, one way to do this is by setting up SSH keys for your account


Junling Ma
Junling Ma