Python Training in Numpy & Pandas

Course Description

This course will build on your knowledge of Python to sharpen your skills for data manipulation and analysis. Please read through the material in our self study repository before this course to get an idea of the sorts of things we will be assuming.

We ask that you spend some time brushing up on your Python programming skills before the workshop begins. Python is very user friendly and easy to learn as you go. The python documentation has lots of links to learning resources; if you have no programming experience, this list should help you find some suitable tutorials, if you have some programming experience in another language, this list should help you find some useful tutorials. Here are a few examples from those lists

Some of these resources will let you run python snippets as part of the tutorial and you should also ensure you can access google collab (requires a google account) which will persist after the workshop and can let you work collaboratively with other people. If you prefer to install things locally, miniconda or anaconda is probably the best way to do that. Your goals when working through the python tutorials should be to understand. This class will assume you are familiar with python syntax, loops, functions, module and classes. We will begin by exploring the numpy module for fast numerical operations as a foundation for learning more about data manipulation with the pandas module. Depending on how far we get with these modules, we will try to look at some toy problems and more realistic applications, similar to what you might see in the coming weeks.

Ian Allison
Ian Allison
Technology Manager