Nautical Crime Investigation Services - Problem 3


NCIS is developing software to identify, track, and build profiles for vessels involved in incidents at sea. This software intends to use a large language model to collect and analyze publicly available web data. With a predefined list of incident categories, the algorithm will gather relevant information about vessels and their reported incidents. It will filter this data to focus solely on incident reports, extracting key details such as vessel name, flag state, and company for any vessel involved in the report. This information will be used to create comprehensive profiles of the reported vessels.

Proposed Problem

This project aims to develop a strategy for leveraging large language models (LLMs) to identify relevant incidents from web-scraped content and extract key information.

Note that this problem is independent of the other problem statements submitted by NCIS.

Context for LLM utilization

For a given topic, NCIS will have 100+ search engine prompts to yield relevant results on incident reports, which will be web-scraped. For the scope of this problem, assume the top 20 results returned will be scraped, with no predetermined sites to be excluded. With thousands of sources scraped, an LLM model will be used to identify whether a source contains an incident related to the assigned topic. If so, specific details from the incident reports should be extracted. Examples of details that can be extracted include vessel name, flag, company, etc.

To achieve this, it is necessary to determine the best approach for employing LLMs in these tasks. The effectiveness of different LLMs in identifying and extracting relevant information from diverse and potentially noisy data sources should be assessed.

Assigned topic: underreporting/misreporting of catch

Baseline Problem Statement

Develop a strategy for employing large language models to accurately identify relevant incidents and extract key information from scraped sources.


  • NLP techniques and tools for text analysis
  • Proficiency in working with training and finetuning large language models
  • Experience with textual data pre and post-processing
Sogol Ghattan
Sogol Ghattan
Director, Responsible Development of Emerging Technologies, NCIS