Equity Diversity and Inclusion

This workshop is intended to help students learn how to define equity, diversity and inclusion, engage in meaningful dialogs about challenges in these areas and explore solutions for creating more diverse and inclusive spaces.

Essentials of Productive Teams

This course will be taught in two sections and will explore team dynamics and effective team behaviour

Ethics for Data Scientists

Participants will explore some of the pitfalls of artificial intelligence when it is used to make decisisons which will impacting people and also how to design ethical models.

Git and GitHub

Participants will receive instruction on using git and GitHub for version control software development and collaboration.

Skills of Communication

Participants will examine tools and techniques to improve their communication skills at work and in life in general

Startups and Entrepreneurship

Participants will receive basic instruction on principles for defining, launching, structuring, and building a promising technical venture, and experience in doing a few of the initial steps

Team Website Building

Participants will use python and jupyter to explore real world datasets and extract insights from them.

Using Jupyter and Python for Data Analysis

Participants will use python and jupyter to explore real world datasets and extract insights from them.

CSTS Healthcare

Cancer is a disease that affects 14M people each year. While we have had some success with specific cancers, many patients are put on a roller coaster of emotion through cycles of remission and relapse. There is abundant scientific evidence which tells us cancer is driven by multiple genes working in concert. CSTS Healthcare has developed a computational system which identifies personalized cancer therapy for every cancer patient given their unique set of DNA and RNA. In practice, the therapy a patient actually receives may not exactly match what our system has identified as the best therapy. In this project we will develop therapy similarity measures to allow us to compare our therapies with those actually given by to a patient by their oncologists.

IOTO International

Performance metrics in sports have seen remarkable growth and development. What if we turned some of these mathematical tools on political performance? Building on [last year’s M2PI project](/project/2020/ioto-international/), the goal of this year’s project is to analyze data related to the activities of legislators in Canada and the USA with a view to developing engineered features which might reflect political performance. These engineered features should be granular enough to significantly inflect during the course of a parliamentary or legislative session, providing quantitative and comparative performance insight.